Massage Therapy

I’m pleased to offer the following therapies. If you’d like help deciding which therapy is right for you, please contact me.

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Therapeutic Massage

relaxation-684716_1920Massage involves direct manipulation of the joints and soft tissues of the body (muscle, fascia, and skin), through Swedish techniques, myofascial release, joint mobilizations, hot/cold therapies, stretching, and other modalities.

Massage helps promote general wellness, but it is also a valuable therapy for injury rehabilitation and prevention. In a massage treatment, the therapist’s pressure is tailored to each individual’s preference, as well as the health of their tissues.

Perinatal Massage

Pregnancy and the postpartum period see the body undergo overwhelming physiological changes, and massage is an important tool in managing the soft tissue discomfort and pain that occur with these changes. With a couple of modifications to a regular massage treatment, prenatal massage is safe for all trimesters and the postpartum period.